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The Laundry Project assists low-income families with meeting a basic need – washing clothes and linens.


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 This Saturday, May 7th at 8pm, we will be hosting a benefit concert for the #LaundryProject feat @llvband, @adamrobb, & @kylerrinimorrison. We will also have several pieces from local artists up for bid and a merch table where you can pick up all the latest @engagecurrent swag. It all takes place at @theauricleoh! See you there! (Ticket link in profile)  We received in the mail yesterday a big stack of the @engagecurrent canvas paper prints featuring the new #CLEAN mural that is beginning to pop up everywhere. Make sure you come to our benefit concert at @theauricleoh on Saturday May 7th at 8pm for the chance to purchase yours! (They are available for purchase otherwise, but still, you should come to the show!) Link to concert tix in profile! #CurrentLP
 The #LaundryProject is going to be all over OH in May & June! We need good people to volunteer for initiatives in Akron, Elyria, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Canton! If you're in one of these cities and want to join us in our efforts to provide a dignifying experience for low-income families through clean laundry, then visit OHlaundrybycurrent.org/volunteer and sign up today! #EducateMobilize #CurrentLP  What a day! At today's #LaundryProject in Canton 27 families did 238 loads of laundry, community was fostered, stories shared, connections made, and lives impacted. A special thanks to Fairlawn Mennonite Church for volunteering, our usual fantastic crew that brings tons of food and feeds us all, and to the countless other people who care deeply about their community and make what we do a reality. Today was yet another example of the good that happens when we partner together for a cause bigger than any one individual. #EducateMoblize #CurrentLP
 Having a blast at today's Fort Worth #LaundryProject with @engagecurrent! We have an amazing group of volunteers from the Coin Laundry Association and resources from @clintonfoundation Too Small to Fail helping us turn 2 local laundromats into community centers of hope! Stay tuned for more updates! #CurrentLP #EducateMobilize #toosmalltofail #laundrycares #washtimetalktime  Woke up this morning to heavy snow conditions in April (that's OH for you!), still hasn't stopped over 20 families so far from being a part of our Canton #LaundryProject today! It's already been an amazing time of community, story sharing, and clean laundry. Stay tuned for more updates! #EducateMoblize #CurrentLP